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Jaguar Music's  fully equiped

digital/analog recording facility.


machine age recording systems

Welcome to

Control Room:

• Isolated foundation • accoustically tuned • four monitoring systems

• Restored Rupert Neve designed 1968 Philips console custom built

  for Deutshe Grammophon with 28 discrete circuit  audio channels

• automated mixing desk with 96 channels of moving fader automation

• choice and rare vintage outboard gear • state of the art digital effects

Audio Platforms:

• Mac G5 Dual Quad Processor with • Cubase 8 • Logic Pro 8

• Sountrack Pro • Spark • Toast • fully loaded Korg OASYS 88 key

  synth/controler • over 200 plug-ins and state of the art software

  synthesizer suites

Tracking Room:

• Ideal for small rhythm sections • two isolation booths • Over 70 high

  end rare & vintage mics • remote located 9'3" concert grand piano

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